Mogwai_toejam (akktri) wrote in heaven_rpg,

A new visitor

The bridge at the Blue Ridge exit seemed sturdy enough, with its reinforced steel beams and concrete. But something happened one night when the coal train was passing across, and so several tons of metal had suddenly collapsed without warning, landing on the roof of a Corolla, crushing the driver, Robert X, to death.
The pain had been excruciating. He had felt his bones breaking to pieces
and When he finally lost consciousness, he thought it was the end, but he found himself awake once more, in his right mind, and feeling no pain.
He awoke in a meadow filled with chirping birds, sunshine, and calm, warming breezes. Sitting up, he could see a huge wall, like the fortifications of a castle, and at one end, some distance away he spotted a gate.
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