Mogwai_toejam (akktri) wrote in heaven_rpg,

Something I've just realized

For some time, it bothered me that people not only mocked this journal, but also mocked the Christian depiction of heaven, or the concept of heaven period. It sickened me that they would write essays about how they loved their Macbook Pro and their pickup trucks and movies, but spit on the greatest thing that could ever exist, heaven.
But then I thought about criminals and drunks. You wouldn't invite a serial killer to your child's birthday party without armed guards. And even then it's a bad idea. You wouldn't invite a bunch of mean drunks to your child's birthday party, if you wanted your child to have a pleasant time. If you brought them to Chuck E Cheese, you'd get kicked out. If you're a drunk or a criminal or don't care about providing a safe environment for kids, you'd think this is a great idea ("YEAHH!"), but normal people think it sucks.
A similar idea applies to heaven. People are condemned to hell because they spit on the idea of heaven, they mock the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, and discard it all as trash while they gleefully go about their empty, debased and sinful lives. Sometimes these people are worse than serial killers, because sometimes a serial killer can repent and recognize how important Jesus is to them, and how deeply they need to go to heaven, while someone else seemingly "better" can leave people's lives twice as broken and pain filled, and not care one iota about where they're spending eternity.
It's like having a club where they're giving away free money, with the condition that you have to dress up, and these people arrive naked, and drunk. Sorry, no money for you. Now go away. Forever.
I guess I can't teach you mockers gratitude. That word is foreign to you. That's why you casually laugh away the idea of your own sinfulness, and your need for Jesus to cleanse your soul. Go away, you mockers. You can go to a ha-ha place.
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