Mogwai_toejam (akktri) wrote in heaven_rpg,

Misinterpreted quote

Some time ago, someone criticized this story by taking a quote out of context and misinterpreting it. They do the same thing with the bible, so it's no wonder that they misinterpret other works as well. The specific quote they misinterpreted was a line where Jason asks God about hell. What I wrote was, "Jason asked God if there was a hell. God responded with something deeper than a simple yes." This unbeliever critic quoted this line out of context, using it to argue that there was no hell, even in the story. He hated the rest of the story, but he latched onto this solitary line because I messed it up. His interpretation was far from my original meaning, which was that, God explained hell in better detail. That's really all I meant. Saying that there is no hell is actually a shallow answer, not a "deep" one, despite what this critic said. A shallow, popularity seeking person is one that thinks that God grades on a curve, and that somehow all people can go to heaven. There is a hell, despite what this critic said, and, unfortunately, if this critic doesn't change his religious beliefs, he will end up going there. I don't care if people don't like this story or LJ group. What's important is that people believe in Jesus. The fact that this critic doesn't believe in Jesus brings great sadness to my heart. Being an old friend, he seems to think that we will meet again in heaven, but if his beliefs don't change, we won't.
There is an absolute truth. Not everyone can be right. There cannot be multiple paths to God. God is not a god of confusion. To simultaneously validate all religions would be a denial of the truth. If Jews don't agree with this, they don't deserve a country, and it's no wonder they're losing turf in the middle east.
I think what this person failed to understand was that attacking my faith in Jesus would not push me to believe what he believes. It wouldn't. Instead, it would push me towards atheism. Atheism makes a lot more sense than Conservative Judaism. Atheism doesn't claim that "there are many paths to God." Without Jesus, that would be the option I'd choose. Either that, or I would join Orthodox Judaism, a religion with strict rules and none of this touchy feely nonsense about there being "multiple paths to God."
I'd like to see him misinterpret this!
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