Mogwai_toejam (akktri) wrote in heaven_rpg,

A2: The Gate

Sally felt good. Comfortable. And she could smell popcorn and cake in the air. Thinking about her shoes, she looked down. Instead of overalls and a sweatshirt, she had on an odd looking white robe. She giggled. Someone dressed me up in a Star Wars costume! The outfit was warm and comfortable.
She looked around and saw a crowd of strangers. She began to get uncomfortable. "Mommy?"
Immediately after she said this, a girl her age came up to her and said, "Your mommy isn't here yet."
The girl had on a robe made of beautiful parrot feathers. Her skin was tan, her black hair put up in the Hopi style. Sally stared at her. "Why not?"
"Because you're in heaven, and she's not."
Sally felt a chill run up her spine. "I' heaven?"
The girl nodded. "My name's Christina. What's your name?"
"Sally. Sally Smith."
They shook hands.
Sally frowned. "So I'm dead?"
Christina smiled. "No, you are alive in Christ!"
"But, then how did I get here?"
"Your body died. Mine did too. But they're just like old clothes," Christina shrugged. "We don't need them anymore."
Sally bit her lip. "Will my mommy be coming here soon?"
Christina furrowed her brow. "I don't know. You need to ask God that."
Sally nodded. "Well, all right. Where is God?"
"Right here, silly."
Sally looked around. "Um, God? Are you there?"
"Yes," said God.
"Um, where's my mommy?"
"Your mommy is on earth. I have a plan for her. I had to bring you here in order to fulfill my purpose for her."
"And what is that purpose, God?"
"I am working to bring her into my kingdom, but she still does not accept me."
Sally nodded sadly. "Mommy doesn't like church or Jesus or anything."
"That is why I needed to bring you here. She has plugged her ears with the things of wealth and comfort."
Sally sighed. "So when is she coming here?"
"That is not for you to know, little one. But don't be afraid. Look at all those people around you. They are all your family. They are all your mommy, daddy, sisters and brothers."
"But what about strangers, God? Mommy told me not to talk to strangers."
"Sally, this is my kingdom. Strangers are no longer a threat. There is no one here that you cannot trust. Your mother told you not to speak to strangers because you were living in a world filled with sin and evil. That world is gone now. There are no more child molesters, no more child killers, no more child abusers. Everyone here loves Jesus, and they will never, ever hurt you."
Sally swallowed. "So, there's nobody like Uncle Mike? Anywhere?"
"Uncle Mike will never hurt you again. And neither will anyone else in my kingdom."
"Hey, let's play Pokemon," said Christina.
Sally stared at her. "I don't have any cards."
"Who said anything about cards?" She took a Pokedex out of her pocket. "We have the real thing here." She threw down a ball, and a Pikachu appeared in a flash of light.
Sally chuckled. "That's funny." She went over and petted the yellow creature on the head.
"Pika, Pika."
"I don't really like Pokemon that much," said Sally. "Your Pikachu is cute, though."
Christina smiled. "Thanks."
"You look like Leia."
"I do?" Christina blinked. "Jacob's wife?"
"No," said Sally. "That lady from Star Wars."
"Oh," Christina giggled. "That's a Hopi tradition. I am a Native American."
"I'm a Native American, too," said Sally.
"Um, actually, you're not."
"What is a Native American, then?"
"It means you're an Indian."
"Oh." She paused. "Can you show me how to shoot an arrow?"
Christina laughed. "Okay."
They came to a giant white gate framed by twelve golden angel reliefs. It cracked open and they stepped through.
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