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Tours to the beginning of creation

It would be great if we went to heaven and God set up angels to give us a tour of the creation.
If that ever happens, this would be a great line for an angel to say:
"Good morning, and thank you for flying Intergalactic. We know you have a choice in interstellar carrier and appreciate your custom. If your travel plans for today do not include the beginning of creation, now would be an excellent time to deplane. Make sure your safety harness is secure, your tray table is up, and your gravity couch is in an upright position. Jumping to light speed...now."
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A new visitor

The bridge at the Blue Ridge exit seemed sturdy enough, with its reinforced steel beams and concrete. But something happened one night when the coal train was passing across, and so several tons of metal had suddenly collapsed without warning, landing on the roof of a Corolla, crushing the driver, Robert X, to death.
The pain had been excruciating. He had felt his bones breaking to pieces
and When he finally lost consciousness, he thought it was the end, but he found himself awake once more, in his right mind, and feeling no pain.
He awoke in a meadow filled with chirping birds, sunshine, and calm, warming breezes. Sitting up, he could see a huge wall, like the fortifications of a castle, and at one end, some distance away he spotted a gate.
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Something I've just realized

For some time, it bothered me that people not only mocked this journal, but also mocked the Christian depiction of heaven, or the concept of heaven period. It sickened me that they would write essays about how they loved their Macbook Pro and their pickup trucks and movies, but spit on the greatest thing that could ever exist, heaven.
But then I thought about criminals and drunks. You wouldn't invite a serial killer to your child's birthday party without armed guards. And even then it's a bad idea. You wouldn't invite a bunch of mean drunks to your child's birthday party, if you wanted your child to have a pleasant time. If you brought them to Chuck E Cheese, you'd get kicked out. If you're a drunk or a criminal or don't care about providing a safe environment for kids, you'd think this is a great idea ("YEAHH!"), but normal people think it sucks.
A similar idea applies to heaven. People are condemned to hell because they spit on the idea of heaven, they mock the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, and discard it all as trash while they gleefully go about their empty, debased and sinful lives. Sometimes these people are worse than serial killers, because sometimes a serial killer can repent and recognize how important Jesus is to them, and how deeply they need to go to heaven, while someone else seemingly "better" can leave people's lives twice as broken and pain filled, and not care one iota about where they're spending eternity.
It's like having a club where they're giving away free money, with the condition that you have to dress up, and these people arrive naked, and drunk. Sorry, no money for you. Now go away. Forever.
I guess I can't teach you mockers gratitude. That word is foreign to you. That's why you casually laugh away the idea of your own sinfulness, and your need for Jesus to cleanse your soul. Go away, you mockers. You can go to a ha-ha place.
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C5: Wish Granted

Mark sat down at a table filled with strangers, staring at the repast. It was like a casino buffet, with barbecue and pizza, Cajun cornbread and crawdads, rotisserie chicken, crab, shrimp, lasagna, breads, meats, side dishes, filler items, gourmet items, and he had cranberry punch soda and a chocolate milkshake at his spot.
He looked over at Jesus with a frustrated glare.
The next moment, Jesus stood behind him.
Mark turned his chair around. "Why."
Jesus looked unsurprised, but didn't reply.
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C4: The glum guest

Mark followed Jesus into an immense banquet hall with tiers containing huge amounts of tables, and a main bottom floor holding more than a thousand tables. He looked up at the Jesus praising banners and religious signs, feeling a bit out of place.
He sat down at one of the tables.
A merry dance began in an area to the side of the room, one more splendid than any marriage dance ever done.
Mark stayed in his seat, looking at Jesus. "I'm still frustrated. What was it you wanted me to do with my life? And don't give me that line about serving you, because it didn't give me any damn specifics. I want specifics! What job was I supposed to do? I tried the wrong ones. I want you to tell me what one you designed for me. The one where I'd be a success and wouldn't have to worry about finding a job every two weeks. Was it pastor? Was that what I was supposed to do?"
Jesus told him the answer.
"What about all that stuff the college guidance counselors told me? Was there any merit to that, or were there truly no jobs in that field?"
Jesus gave the answer.
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62: Call Center

After working on his project for a few hours, Jason went outside for a break. He strolled down the platform, coming to a long brick building extending for blocks. He walked in a sliding glass door and saw rows of angels seated at desks, speaking into microphone headsets. Flat dish shaped objects sat on their desks, next to tablet computers.
He walked up to one of the angels and someone handed him a headset, sans microphone. A hologram of a woman appeared on the dish in front of him.
"Hello, Tara Black," said the angel. "My name is Ruben, an angel of the Lord. The reason for this communication is basically to explain why you will be spending an eternity in hell."
"There's been some kind of mistake," said the woman. "I don't belong here!"
"Actually, Tara, you do."
"Look. Rabbi Ben Zion Kravitz said that as long as I don't accept Jesus as my savior and live a good Jewish life, I am guaranteed a place in heaven. This is obviously a mistake."
"Okay," said the angel. "If we go by that criteria, I'd say you're still missing the mark. The law states that only a perfect Jew can get into heaven by their own merit."
"But I'm a good Jew! I kept the commandments! I don't belong here! You've got to get me out of here! You've got to believe me! I kept the commandments! This place isn't even supposed to exist!"
"Actually," said the angel. "Our records show several instances of idolatry, covetousness, hatred and rebellion, as well as multiple counts of murder."
"Excuse me! Murder?"
He laughed.
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Requests wanted

What is in your heaven? What wishes and dreams would you like to see fulfilled there? Reply to this post and give your suggestions and I'll write a post about them.
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A3: "Hi, God."

The two strolled through a giant inner corridor, passing crowds of people. Sally was surprised to see so many faces she recognized. She stopped and talked to uncles and people she knew from church, then stared out a large window overlooking a garden. She pointed to it. "Is that Eden?"
"I don't think so," said Christina. "Eden is a few miles away from here." She took Sally's hand, leading her down the path a bit. They came to a large, low buffet table loaded with pizzas, macaroni and cheese, grilled cheese sandwiches, cookies, candy and glasses of Koolaide.
After stuffing their faces, they went on, coming to a vast, round, library-like gray room with a glass floor. As they walked across the glass, a dolphin swam under them, squeaking and waving a flipper. Sally laughed and waved back at it.
She looked up and saw a tapestry depicting Noah's ark. As she stared at it, the waves crashed and the boat rose on the water.
"Wow!" she giggled.
"Yeah. Those are cool," said Christina. "Let's go talk to God."
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C3: Mark's book

People sat around the tables, chatting. Some had books in their hands. The covers seemed oddly familiar. He noticed one lying out on a table. He picked it up and stared at it. He could have cried. It was his book. His title. His name on the cover. His story inside the cover. A printed paperback.
Seeing a little redhead boy reading one of the books, he sat down next to him. "Hey, kid. Whatcha reading?"
"_______," said the boy. "It's pretty neat. It's like a science fiction story and an inspirational romance story put together in one book."
"You...like it?"
"Yeah. I'm not sure why nobody on earth published it. It's good stuff. Are you going to see the movie?"
"M-movie?" He stammered. "You're kidding."
"Nope. You think you're going to write another?"
"I...I don't know. It was supposed to be sort of a test run to see if I could get anywhere in the business. I didn't bother to write the sequel because there was no demand for it."
"Well you've gotten somewhere now."
Mark sighed. "Well, I would write a sequel, but since there's no conflict in heaven, I'm not sure it will be worth the effort."
"You don't need conflict to write a story in heaven, mister. You've just got to have an idea and a desire to get it produced. People have longer attention spans here."
He nodded. "Thanks. I'll definitely think about it."
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Christmas in heaven

I don't post Christmas wish lists on my journal because 1. Nobody will get me the items I listed, 2. I live with the expectation of getting great treasure in heaven.
So, it would be nice if I could get a Macintosh with Illustrator and tons of animation software, well, it's okay if I don't. There's something better than that in heaven.
It also saves me a boatload of money to think this way.
I think if I had the "spend spend spend now now now" perspective of most bipolar folks, I would have gone bankrupt by now.