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A3: "Hi, God."

The two strolled through a giant inner corridor, passing crowds of people. Sally was surprised to see so many faces she recognized. She stopped and talked to uncles and people she knew from church, then stared out a large window overlooking a garden. She pointed to it. "Is that Eden?"
"I don't think so," said Christina. "Eden is a few miles away from here." She took Sally's hand, leading her down the path a bit. They came to a large, low buffet table loaded with pizzas, macaroni and cheese, grilled cheese sandwiches, cookies, candy and glasses of Koolaide.
After stuffing their faces, they went on, coming to a vast, round, library-like gray room with a glass floor. As they walked across the glass, a dolphin swam under them, squeaking and waving a flipper. Sally laughed and waved back at it.
She looked up and saw a tapestry depicting Noah's ark. As she stared at it, the waves crashed and the boat rose on the water.
"Wow!" she giggled.
"Yeah. Those are cool," said Christina. "Let's go talk to God."

They went through a door, entering a room containing a sparkling sea of glass. They walked over the water, coming to a huge area with a massive gold throne surrounded by smaller ones.
(The bible says there are twenty four thrones surrounding God's throne, but we don't know if that's literal. Sally would be able to tell for sure).
Four creatures around the throne, a lion, ox, man, and an eagle bowed before the throne.
(The bible says that the creatures have wings with eyes on them. This appears to be a metaphor, but in heaven, Sally would see for sure).
"Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God almighty, who was and is and is to come!" the creatures cried.
He saw the elders around the throne bowing to the being on the center throne, laying down their crowns. "You are worthy, O Lord our God, to recieve glory and honor and power. For you created all things, and by your will they were created and have their being."
Christina waved at God. "Hi, God!"
Sally looked up at God. She'd never seen anything or anyone more beautiful.
(Such a view would not only prove God's existence, but also prove that God looks exactly like what it says in the bible, and not like some eight armed woman, or an animal, or a fat bald guy).
An elder placed a crown on her head. She smiled.
She looked to the right side of God and saw Jesus sitting on a throne.
He stepped down and walked with the girls, leading them into a colossal banquet hall, bigger than any that has ever been constructed. It had tiers, with more than a thousand tables on its bottom floor. There were balconies with huge banners on them proclaiming that Jesus is the son of God and how all honor, glory and power belongs to Him.
Jesus led them to an appropriately short table, decorated with antique jade horses and chariots and other priceless museum pieces. Sally and Christina took seats around the objects and began playing with them like God intended them to be played with. Like toys.
(People spend thousands on these things, and kill over them. In heaven, it's likely that all those fancy things we once clung to will be considered playthings to be casually discarded).
Other people they knew sat down next to them. Jesus led them all in a prayer, and then angels placed a feast on the table. Everyone shared with each other, and they all ate as much as they wanted.
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