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Story C, part 2

He entered a large room with a throne surrounded by smaller thrones. He knelt before the large one. "Well, God, I'm here. I haven't done my job very well, so please be merciful to me for Jesus' sake. I know I deserve hell, but please forgive me."
"Welcome, Mark," said a voice. "You are forgiven. Welcome to heaven."
"Lord?" said Mark. "Could I ask you a favor?"
"I want to see how people got all those jobs that I applied for. I want to see why they got it instead of me. I want to see how worthy they were to get them."
A screen appeared in the air, and Mark saw scenes from the human resources departments he'd applied to. And soon, it all became clear. He saw where the young and uneducated were hired, and how he was turned down for being overqualified. He saw how all those companies reviewed applications, what they were really looking for, and how all those job hunting booklets were wrong. He saw the popularity games. He saw random picking and computerized deception. He saw the mis-filing, the laziness, the "file 13's." He saw the underqualified being hired for the most pointless and superficial of reasons, and he was content to know that it wasn't always his fault he'd been unemployed all the time. But he also saw saw what he had done to get on the bad side of his reviewers.
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