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61: Heaven's commercials

Jason noticed a television in the corner of the room. He turned it on and saw a kid talking about how he missed a girl named Esmerelda. He wanted her back. Jason was a bit annoyed by seeing it there. I thought there would be no commercials in heaven. He changed the channel and saw someone realizing their dreams of producing their own TV show. It was some person that always wanted to do that, but they lived in the country, in an impoverished town, so they never had a chance to do that on earth. It was a good show. But after a few minutes of the program, the kid was on the TV, talking about Esmerelda again.
Jason became a bit more peeved as he watched it, but, just then, a girl appeared at the man's door and the commercial abruptly ended, never to be seen again. Wow, Jason thought. I feel like a jerk! "Does this happen often?"
"What?" said Andy.
"These commercials. Do they just end like that?"
Andy shrugged. "Pretty much. Instead of commercials, we have little requests like that here. People get on the TV and ask to see someone, and, a lot of times, the person the ask for is there, looking for them. The TV is very handy for them to get together again."
"And once they do, they just go off the air?"
Andy nodded. "Sometimes they say thanks. That's about it."
Matt stared at the screen. "I'll never think the same about commercials again."
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