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60: The Hall of Fame

There was a soda machine and a floor refrigerator full of ice cream in the corner of the room. Jason went back there and made himself a Peach Nehi float. He drank it while watching the guys work on the software product.
"Did you visit the hall of fame yet?" said Andy Kim.
Jason shrugged. "Maybe. I don't remember."
"It's got a website with files and documents on it. You might want to check it out." Andy typed something in on the computer and brought up the Hall of Fame's website. He clicked a link about records or something, and it automatically brought up a page about Jason. "Here you go."
Jason sat down and looked at the screen. On it was a list of files. He opened one. He found a document describing his evangelism and service. This particular page showed a photograph of him clearing up a Suntron warehouse, talking to a guy about church. There were suggestions about what he could have said differently, and on the bottom it told him what happened to the guy after Jason was no longer working with him. There were several files just like that one, describing what Jason did right, what he could have done better, and how a particular person was eventually brought to Christ, or how that person was lost anyway. Jason wished he could have had something like that website while he was on earth, but he appreciated that he finally got a clarification about it anyway.
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